The annual Report 2016, which covers the period from January 1st 2016, to December 31st 2016, describes the tasks and activities of the In-Mind Foundation, and reports on its financial performance.



Name: Stichting In-Mind Foundation

Fiscal Number: NL000851727451B01

Postal Address: Lange Wijngaardstraat 1c, 2011RK, Haarlem, the Netherlands

E-mail Address:

Members of the Board:

President: Hans IJzerman

Incoming President: Esther Kuehn

Secretary: Reine van der Wal

Treasurer: Daniel Sligte



General overview of activities in 2016:

The In-Mind foundation showed a healthy overall financial performance and continued to grow in the scope, usage, quality, and national as well as international visibility of its content. More than 90% of the activities in 2016 were spent on creating original content to communicate science to the general public. These activities consisted of publishing original content in the form of peer-reviewed articles (46), unreviewed blog posts (36), unreviewed book reviews (7), and videos. Less than 10% of our activities were focused on training scientists (through a writing workshop).


Original content was also created through our In-Mind videos, which are intended to communicate psychological concepts to a larger audience. These are also original content, and produced by our own team (in collaboration with renowned scientists). Two of these new In-Mind videos were released in 2016, with David Schroeder on 'Helping' and Susan Fiske on 'Stereotypes', supporting InMind's commitment to make the work of leading researchers accessible to our readers. The videos were well received with over 5,000 views so far. We also made the videos available (for free) to a leading psychology textbook publisher, who will include our videos section in their pack of resources for teachers. We hope these videos will increasingly serve as an engaging teaching resource. Beyond In-Mind Videos, we also started to videotape short scientific presentations (again creating original content). Currently, we are editing the raw material and will then upload them on YouTube and on our own homepage.


Beleidsplan and mission Stichting In-Mind Foundation

The mission of Stichting In-Mind Foundation is to publish original psychological articles online, to facilitate online psychological research and to develop a tool that quantifies the societal value of research. Based in the Netherlands, the foundation has already published a large number of research papers, book reviews and literature reviews. Our goal to disseminate original work not only leads to offering educational material to universities, it also helps us to evaluate research and to reach out to a broad audience.



The In-Mind Foundation received the Service Award for Service to the Field of Social/Personality Psychology from the Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP). This award, established in 2002, is for distinguished efforts by individuals to benefit the field of social and personality psychology. We received the award at the annual Awards Ceremony held at the SPSP Annual Convention.



Members who started working at the In-Mind Foundation:

German team

Hans Alves

International team

Lisa Droogendyk, Eiko Fried, and Julia Rohrer

Dutch team

Dirkje M. A. Pril

Italian team

Maria Giuseppina Pacilli, Davide Rigoni, Luca Andrighetto, Claudia Civai, Mauro Giacomantonio, Massimiliano Scopelliti, and Carlo Tomasetto


Members who left the In-Mind foundation:

German team

René Kopietz, and Markus Jancyzyk

International team

Rosanna Guadagno, Laysee Ong, and Lotte van der Zanden

Dutch team

Gert-Jan Lelieveld, Anne-Marike Lokhorst, and Minou van der Werf

Italian team

Giulio Boccato, Daniele Castelli, Lisa Felliin, Silvia Galdi, Stefano Pagliaro ed Elena Trifiletti


Magazine and Blog

Full issues published:

German team: 4, International team: 4, Dutch team: 4, Italian team: 2

Full articles published:

German team: 19, International team: 7, Dutch team: 12, Italian team: 8

Blog articles published: German team: 32, International team: 4

Book recensions published:

German team: 4, International team: 3



The In-Mind Foundation has offered the following workshops: Scientific writing for the public interest, 18,.10.2016, Leipzig, Germany.


Key developments

We videotaped short scientific presentations. Currently, we are editing the raw material and will then upload them on youtube and on our own homepage.


Financial performance